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TSGT Saturday – July 6, 2013

Hello there dear readers! On this episode of This Scrapper’s Got Talent, we find out the results of last weeks challenge and the layout I created for this week’s challenge! Why is it every time I write these posts I read it in an game show host’s voice?

Anyway, guess what everyone, I was eliminated from the challenge last week! Surprised? I know I was! Now, it’s not that I have an inflated ego, I don’t, but I truly thought I could at least make it through to the third round! I really was surprised at how many competitors they ended up eliminating but that’s okay! I said when I began this challenge that, if I was eliminated, I would still continue to play along. So, since I was eliminated, I concentrated more on the story aspect of this challenge then making sure that someone else would like my layout. Here’s the rules for this weeks layout:

1. At least three paragraphs. Each paragraph must have at least four sentences.
2. At least three unique clusters, each with five or more elements. The elements can be repeated.
3. No pictures (No pictures?! Yep, no pictures.)

Challenge accepted!

Kit: A New Day by Inspiredbydominic Designs
Extras: Grid Paper by Polka Dot Pixels,
Random Post-it and tack, Various blood spatters.

I’m not going to type out the entire text block but I will share with you that my dirty little secret: I love the tv show “The Vampire Diaries”. Yes I know it’s a show marketed at high-school and collage students, but like the post-it note says, “Please, Don’t judge”! I actually really enjoyed playing around with the blood spatters, mixing colors, blend modes and layer effects to get just the look I wanted! It also helped that I had a couple blood/ink spatter brushes loaded!

Well, that’s it for today’s post, if you’d like to check out the other submissions for This Scrapper’s Got Talent, check out the gallery (unfortunately you have to register for the forum before you can see the gallery). I will see you all on Monday when I’m going to share my exciting news! As always…


Kit: A New Day by Inspiredbydominic Designs
Extras: Grid Paper by Polka Dot Pixels, Random Post-it and tack, Various blood spatters.

Friday Faves – July 5, 2013

Hey everyone! It’s Friday! So what things am I going to share with you today? Well, first off, let me say, I’m late writing this post today because I was busy playing with my littlest bug! The kids are visiting with family for most of the next few days but my little guy is too small to play in the ocean so he’s back home for awhile today. My point is that I usually don’t have a great deal of free time but when I do, I enjoy scrapbooking (I’m pretty sure that’s not a surprise to any of you by this point). With so little time and such a passion for scrapbooking, what does one use to capture and record all those wonderful memories?

I bet you know where I’m going with this! Yes, Project Life and all the other pocket page style scrapbook products out there! As you know, I also love to work both digitally and physically with paper, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when I tell you that I have almost all of the “official” Project Life kits digitally and five (yes, FIVE) paper Project Life core kits! Why? Well, partly because I love the designs and I have a scrapbook hoarder personality! Mostly though it’s because I love the idea that if I’m pressed for time, I can drop my photos, a few cards and a little writing onto a page and it looks wonderful! Sometimes just doing that looks better then when I keep playing around with a page for days!

I really love that this way of scrapbooking has taken off. With any great idea you run into true copy cats but I think that many designers (both paper and digital) have really expanded on this concept and given us so many options! I’ve also got some SN@P products in my paper stash, I have other designers’ P365/Journal Card products in my digital files, and I’m excited to use it all! So today’s post is all about how much I love these products! Did you get through all that text? Okay, lets look at some fun pictures!

Here is a picture of my current “official” Project Life stash:

Albums, pocket pages and Project Life Core Kits
How I store my Project Life Kits

And there’s a picture of some of my SN@P products, these are for my oldest son’s Disney album that I hope to work on with him this summer:

SN@P! album and products

Lastly, here are some of my favorite digital products I like to use with my Project Life albums, I’m not including all of the “official” Project Life kits (which you can find at AC Digitals) because I really want to share some of the OTHER great products I use to supplement my “official” stash:

I’m pretty sure you knew I’d include M&M Designs’ Project Life Journal Card line! Since I’m on her Creative Team, I’m lucky enough to get to work with these great templates, this one was just released today! Take a look at the layout on the top right, that’s the one I made using this template and Inspiredbydominic’s “A New Day” kit and Corky V1 styles:

Project Life V7 by M&M Designs

Another product that I love, and a designer who’s team I’m not on, is Scrapping with Liz’s “Time Table Templates”. They are set up to record “Day in the Life” layouts but are flexible enough to be used for weekly layouts too:

Time Table Templates by Scrapping with Liz

I also love how some designers are creating 4″x6″ templates. It’s nice to have a template for one of my pictures pockets especially if I want to add multiple pictures to that spot. Scrapping with Liz also has some 4″x6″ templates but the ones I just saw from ChrissyW Digital (who’s team I’m also on) really gets me excited!

Something to Brag About – 4″x6″ Template by ChrissyW Digital

So, in honor of today’s Friday Fave, I’m going to enjoy my day, and most likely the weekend, working on my Project Life pages! I’ll make sure to share them with you all next week! Enjoy your weekend dear readers and as always…


New Release Thursday – July 4, 2013

Hey everyone, today is “New Release Thursday” and guess what? There aren’t any new releases to share with you today! Can you believe that? What I do have are a few sale reminders!

Over at Gotta Pixel, M&M Designs and ChrissyW Digital are having a sale this week, click on the pictures to be taken to their products:

Paper Crazy 4 by M&M Designs
M&M Designs Independence Day Sale
ChrissyW Digital Grand Opening Sale


Also, over at Stuff to Scrap, Scraps by Missy’s store is 45% off through the end of the day! Her Build-a-Kit pieces are also on sale so those are actually 60% off right now with both sales combined! You don’t want to pass that up!

Scraps by Missy’s store is 45% off!

Lastly, don’t forget about Inspiredbydominic’s new Commercial Use store at CU Digitals! She’s having a Grand Opening sale there through July 7th, everything is 35% off!

Inspiredbydominic’s Grand Opening Sale

Okay! I think that’s it for today’s sales! One other thing that I’d like to remind you about is the post here where I told you about the fundraiser for Habitat For Humanity Canada, there is still a few days to help the team meet their fundraising goal by July 6th! You can also check out there page here:

Team Will-Ford HabiCache!

I’m also letting you know that I have a few fun things in the works for all my lovely readers, I hope to be able to make that announcement Monday! I’m excited! Until then, don’t forget that tomorrow is “Friday Faves” and Saturday I’ll be sharing my layout for This Scrapper’s Got Talent! Unfortunately, I was eliminated after last weeks round but I’m continuing to play along to stretch my creative muscles! Now go shop some sales today and everyone have a great 4th of July! As always…


Project Life Wednesday – July 3, 2013

Welcome to “Project Life Wednesday”, today I’m sharing part two of my new Project Life Dear Lizzy Mini Album! If you missed part one you can see it here. Onward! Today I worked on a page that incorporates using one photo over many spots. I saw this post and new I had to do something similar in my mini album. I love this idea so much I’m going to be using it in my large album for our Disney trip! Do you want to see my pages?

First Double Spread
New page – Right side

This week I decided to keep my focus on the picture so I didn’t add any embellishments… yet, I really have a hard time not using Thickers and extra elements! I decided to only round the outer corners of the large picture to keep it looking like one large photo instead of two 4″x6″ photos. Here are some highlights:

I had a good time working on this, there’s no pressure to keep up to date as the album focuses on one object, not a chronological documentation! I can’t tell you how fun it is to really have no rules! One last thing, tomorrow is “New Release Thursday” so come back and check what’s new tomorrow, but if you need your digital fix right now, check out this post from Monday that’s full of sales, freebies and more! As always…


Template Tuesday – July 2, 2013

Welcome to “Template Tuesday”, today I’m mixing it up a bit! I was on Facebook and one of the lovely ladies in one of my digital scrapbooking groups share the perfect link for today’s post. Have you ever wanted to add text to a page but there are embellishments in the way of your text box? I’ve had this happen on my pages and it had required me to take the time to make sure my text was formatted correctly. Not anymore! This tutorial will show you how to create a custom shaped text box in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements 10 or newer (sorry to those of you who use version 9 or below, I used to use version 6 so I know how frustrating this can be).

Journaling is such a important part of scrapbooking. Recording our thoughts and memories is part of what will make our layouts meaningful to those who look at them years from now. But, I often get caught up in the creative process of designing a layout and forget to leave adequate space for my journaling. And then, when I try to find space for it, I want it to fit around the other elements on the page. But, doing that with the Type tools alone can be a really frustrating process. Luckily, I have the option of creating text in a Shape… read more

Shaped Text from DigitalScrapper.com

I hope the tutorial was helpful for you! I know I’m going to enjoy spending time over there expanding my skills! Tomorrow is Project Life Wednesday so make sure you stop by and see me work with some paper! Shocking right?! As always…


Miscellaneous Monday – July 1, 2013

Welcome to July my friends, and welcome to “Miscellaneous Monday”! This is the day where I throw anything, and everything into one, seemingly random, post. As it’s the first day of the month, it’s safe to assume that there will be plenty to share today. Lets see, four sales, a designer debuting in a new store, daily download freebies, two new releases and a few reminders! Remember, pictures are linked when possible to make it easier for you to find all these great products! Hold onto your hats, it’s time to jump right in!

First we’re going to start with the new releases. Scraps by Missy has her July Build-a-Kit (BAK) up at Stuff To Scrap. This kit is on sale from July 1st-8th for only $1 per component! That’s only $4 for the entire Scraps by Missy kit, a 50% savings! The theme of this month’s BAK is “My Favorite Things” of which Missy chose reading! I will admit here that I love to read, a lot, so this was a really fun kit to work with. I chose a picture from the Nemo Musical at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Do you remember that Dory can read the address on the diving mask? Can you remember what the address was without looking it up? With two little kids, you best believe I can remember that address! Here are the previews for Scraps by Missy’s BAK:

July BAK Papers by Scraps by Missy
July BAK Papers 2 by Scraps by Missy
July BAK Elements by Scraps by Missy
July BAK Alphas by Scraps by Missy

Here’s the layout I created with this kit, “P. Sherman”!

“P. Sherman”
Template: Sample Pack 6 by ChrissyW Digital
Kit: My Favorite Things (July BAK) by Scraps By Missy

The other great release today from Scraps by Missy and the other great designers at Stuff To Scrap is the July Collaboration Kit “Moments That Matter“. Here’s her part and the entire bundle as well:

Scraps by Missy’s part of Moments that Matter
Moments That Matter by STS Designer Collaboration

Here’s the layout that I created with Missy’s part of the collaboration:

Template: Heartilicious Bonus by Scrapping with Liz
Kit: Moments That Matter (partial) by Scraps by Missy

On to my next designer! Isn’t it great that the beginning of the month is jam packed with new releases and sales? I’m glad you think so too because M&M Designs has both as well! Lets start with her Facebook Freebie celebrating reaching 1,400 fans! Here’s a preview, the picture is linked to her Facebook page. Just click like and you’ll have access to this great freebie:

Deep In The Sea Facebook Freebie from M&M Designs

Also, M&M Designs is having a 40% off sale at her Gotta Pixel store this week in celebration of 4th of July! Who doesn’t love a sale, especially when it includes everything in the store! Check it out:

That’s a lot! Are you ready for more? Yes, MORE! ChrissyW Digital is now at Gotta Pixel too! You know what that means right? She’s having a 30% off Grand Opening Sale from July 1st-8th! Stop by and pick up some templates and a kit or two!

She also has a great new freebie up in her new store! The giving just keeps going right? You should go check out the freebie and take a look at the layout I was able to create with it:

July Freebie Template from ChrissyW Digital

The last thing I’d like to share is another sale (do you see a pattern for the beginning of a month?) this time the sale is at Inspiredbydominic Design’s new commercial use store over at CU Digitals from June 28th to July 7th!

I think you’ve made it through dear reader! The only other reminder I have is to check out yesterday’s post about how my lovely designer ChrissyW Digital is helping raise money for Habitat for Humanity Canada by geocaching! You can see their team page and donate to their cause right here:

Team Will-Ford – HabiCache!

That’s it folks, I’m glad you stuck around to the end! I’ll be back here tomorrow with Template Tuesday! Remember to leave a comment if there’s something you’d like to see in those posts, I’ll help you through it if possible! As always…


Special Post: HabiCache!

Hey everyone! I don’t normally post on Sunday’s but today is a special exception. I wanted to use every outlet I had to share a very unique way of raising money for Habitat For Humanity Canada. Now, I don’t live in Canada, and I usually post about wonderful crafty, artistic things. One of the designers I work for is “HabiCaching” with her family next weekend! If you don’t know much about Habitat For Humanity here is a quick summary:

Habitat for Humanity Sault Ste Marie and Area has been busy building homes and building hope since 2004. Lives have been changed, families are thriving, and the support of our community continues to inspire us. The work that we do – offering a hand up to affordable home ownership and breaking the cycle of poverty is import, and continues to have a positive impact in our community. – Habitat for Humanity Sault Ste Marie

I personally think Habitat For Humanity sounds like a wonderful organization. I’m incredibly excited to hear how this weekend goes for their family and for the community as a whole! If anyone is interested in in donating to their team or would just like some more information, check out their team site (photo is linked):

Team Will-Ford – HabiCache!