Who am I?

It’s nice to see you all again! Yesterday I shared with you the place around the web where you could find me, today I’ll be sharing who I am!

That’s me!

My name’s Stephanie, nice to meet you! Some people around here know me by my screen name “Pu Sticks”, pronounced “Pooh-Sticks” by the way. Now you’re probably wondering why I used “Pu” instead of “Pooh” and, truly, it’s quite a long story that has something to do with “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff and my love of the game “Pooh Sticks” from “The House At Pooh Corner” by A.A. Milne. No one understands the humor until I explain it and then, well, it’s not very humorous after my five minute explanation… it’s a post for another day.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

I’m here to share my digital scrapbook creations, photographs, artwork and any other random bits of life that I find interesting. More often then not you’ll see my kids featured on the scrapbook layouts I make. Mainly because that’s what I enjoy taking pictures of but also because I find them so incredibly cute! I’m a mom, I’m supposed to find my kids cute, at least I warned you right?! Just this year I’ve really gotten into photography, and just got my first “real” DSLR, so excuse my rookie mistakes! Now that my youngest son is two years old, I feel like I actually get sleep at night again! It does wonders for having enough energy to pursue my hobbies again! Once in a while you might see “The Hubby” pop up in pictures… he works nights so isn’t typically awake when I get out the camera and stick it in my childrens’ faces!

Right now we are homeschooling our oldest son who’s five, I enjoy this because it gives us time to go to Disney World with my parents… in May… when it’s really, really, quiet there… and take FIVE THOUSAND pictures… did I mention I was a bit obsessed with my new camera? Well, I am! Anyway, so you may see a few posts with homeschooling pictures or pictures of us doing fun things when most kids are in school, so don’t think I’m always pulling the kids out of school to go on nifty trips! We take our school with us!

What else could you want to know?

I just joined three designers’ Creative Teams! I currently CT for M&M Designs, ChrissyW Digital and Scraps By Missy. You can find links to them on the right side of the blog or on my “About” page (you can find the link to that page on the top bar of the blog). These amazing designers are helping me get my start out there in the “Digi Scrap” world, so big shout out thanks to them! I’m really enjoying learning from these ladies and who wouldn’t love to play around with their lovely creations? I can’t wait to show everyone all the layouts I’ve made for them with the products they have out now. What I’m truly excited about it the products I know they are working on that haven’t been released yet and other exciting news that I can’t tell anyone yet! This summer is going to be so exciting and full of work, I can’t wait!

How about I sign off here for now, but if there’s anything you all want to know, leave me a message here or at any of the places you can find me around the web!



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