Miscellaneous Mondays – June 10, 2013

Welcome back on this wonderful Monday! Today I have a round up of things in this post. Today I’ll be sharing a weekend release and a new release from M&M Designs, next are a few pictures to share and last is a blog hop I’m participating in!

First up I’d like to share two releases from M&M Designs that you can pick up at Gotta Pixel. Mel put together some great templates for this month’s GGI (Gotta Get It) called “Walking On Sunshine” and “Walking On Sunshine 2”. The best part? Each kit is only $1! That’s a steal! Take a look:

Walking on Sunshine by M&M Designs
Walking on Sunshine V2

Now, today’s M&M Designs release is a Project Life style template called, “Project Life: Journal Cards V4”. I really liked working with this template, it works well to show one larger photo for a layout. These would probably work great for panoramic shots! Take a look at the templates and the layout I made with it:

Project Life Journal Card V4

"Cinderella's Castle" Template: Project Life Journal Card V4 by M&M Designs Kit: Believe In Me by Angie Kovacs

“Cinderella’s Castle”
Template: Project Life Journal Card V4 by M&M Designs
Kit: Believe In Me by Angie Kovacs

Next up is a few pictures from this weekend’s travels. We are on our way home from Disney World still and stopped at an RV park in North Carolina. This place has a huge lake and there is a large population of ducks, geese and turtles that live there. When we first walked down to the lake, there were only 3 white geese. Within 15 minutes there were more then a dozen Canadian Geese and about eight ducks that joined the three white geese! These Canadian Geese were all over the place chasing the other animals away, trying to eat all the ground corn that is thrown to them.

Feeding the ducks

The second picture is too cute to pass up sharing! The poor little guy was just so tired after traveling and playing at the playground. While the adults tried to figure out where things were going so the children could sleep, one child decided to get a jumpstart on that sleep!

All tuckered out…

Lastly, I wanted to let you know that I linked-up at Plucky’s Second Thought today, go check it out. You never know if you’re going to find a blog or two that interests you:


I hope you enjoyed today’s post, tomorrow I’ll be showing off another creation I made with “Project Life Journal Card V4” so you’ll want to remember stop back for Template Tuesday where I’ll show you the template I started with and how I ended up with my final layout!



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