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Friday Faves – July 5, 2013

Hey everyone! It’s Friday! So what things am I going to share with you today? Well, first off, let me say, I’m late writing this post today because I was busy playing with my littlest bug! The kids are visiting with family for most of the next few days but my little guy is too small to play in the ocean so he’s back home for awhile today. My point is that I usually don’t have a great deal of free time but when I do, I enjoy scrapbooking (I’m pretty sure that’s not a surprise to any of you by this point). With so little time and such a passion for scrapbooking, what does one use to capture and record all those wonderful memories?

I bet you know where I’m going with this! Yes, Project Life and all the other pocket page style scrapbook products out there! As you know, I also love to work both digitally and physically with paper, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when I tell you that I have almost all of the “official” Project Life kits digitally and five (yes, FIVE) paper Project Life core kits! Why? Well, partly because I love the designs and I have a scrapbook hoarder personality! Mostly though it’s because I love the idea that if I’m pressed for time, I can drop my photos, a few cards and a little writing onto a page and it looks wonderful! Sometimes just doing that looks better then when I keep playing around with a page for days!

I really love that this way of scrapbooking has taken off. With any great idea you run into true copy cats but I think that many designers (both paper and digital) have really expanded on this concept and given us so many options! I’ve also got some SN@P products in my paper stash, I have other designers’ P365/Journal Card products in my digital files, and I’m excited to use it all! So today’s post is all about how much I love these products! Did you get through all that text? Okay, lets look at some fun pictures!

Here is a picture of my current “official” Project Life stash:

Albums, pocket pages and Project Life Core Kits
How I store my Project Life Kits

And there’s a picture of some of my SN@P products, these are for my oldest son’s Disney album that I hope to work on with him this summer:

SN@P! album and products

Lastly, here are some of my favorite digital products I like to use with my Project Life albums, I’m not including all of the “official” Project Life kits (which you can find at AC Digitals) because I really want to share some of the OTHER great products I use to supplement my “official” stash:

I’m pretty sure you knew I’d include M&M Designs’ Project Life Journal Card line! Since I’m on her Creative Team, I’m lucky enough to get to work with these great templates, this one was just released today! Take a look at the layout on the top right, that’s the one I made using this template and Inspiredbydominic’s “A New Day” kit and Corky V1 styles:

Project Life V7 by M&M Designs

Another product that I love, and a designer who’s team I’m not on, is Scrapping with Liz’s “Time Table Templates”. They are set up to record “Day in the Life” layouts but are flexible enough to be used for weekly layouts too:

Time Table Templates by Scrapping with Liz

I also love how some designers are creating 4″x6″ templates. It’s nice to have a template for one of my pictures pockets especially if I want to add multiple pictures to that spot. Scrapping with Liz also has some 4″x6″ templates but the ones I just saw from ChrissyW Digital (who’s team I’m also on) really gets me excited!

Something to Brag About – 4″x6″ Template by ChrissyW Digital

So, in honor of today’s Friday Fave, I’m going to enjoy my day, and most likely the weekend, working on my Project Life pages! I’ll make sure to share them with you all next week! Enjoy your weekend dear readers and as always…



New Release Thursday – July 4, 2013

Hey everyone, today is “New Release Thursday” and guess what? There aren’t any new releases to share with you today! Can you believe that? What I do have are a few sale reminders!

Over at Gotta Pixel, M&M Designs and ChrissyW Digital are having a sale this week, click on the pictures to be taken to their products:

Paper Crazy 4 by M&M Designs
M&M Designs Independence Day Sale
ChrissyW Digital Grand Opening Sale


Also, over at Stuff to Scrap, Scraps by Missy’s store is 45% off through the end of the day! Her Build-a-Kit pieces are also on sale so those are actually 60% off right now with both sales combined! You don’t want to pass that up!

Scraps by Missy’s store is 45% off!

Lastly, don’t forget about Inspiredbydominic’s new Commercial Use store at CU Digitals! She’s having a Grand Opening sale there through July 7th, everything is 35% off!

Inspiredbydominic’s Grand Opening Sale

Okay! I think that’s it for today’s sales! One other thing that I’d like to remind you about is the post here where I told you about the fundraiser for Habitat For Humanity Canada, there is still a few days to help the team meet their fundraising goal by July 6th! You can also check out there page here:

Team Will-Ford HabiCache!

I’m also letting you know that I have a few fun things in the works for all my lovely readers, I hope to be able to make that announcement Monday! I’m excited! Until then, don’t forget that tomorrow is “Friday Faves” and Saturday I’ll be sharing my layout for This Scrapper’s Got Talent! Unfortunately, I was eliminated after last weeks round but I’m continuing to play along to stretch my creative muscles! Now go shop some sales today and everyone have a great 4th of July! As always…


Miscellaneous Monday – June 24, 2013

Welcome to Miscellaneous Monday! Now, re-read that in your best announcers voice… makes a great introduction right? I’m sharing one of the funnest scrapbook kits I’ve seen recently! It was made by one of the fabulous designers I create for and the only people who have seen this kit so far is our team. You, lovely reader, get to see what’s in it before anyone else! Also, I get to share a new template release by another one of my designers! Have you noticed all the exclamation marks? I’m really excited to share today’s layout with you! Okay, before I burst, let’s get to it!

First, there is a new template releasing from M&M Designs at her Gotta Pixel Store. Today’s release is another pocket page style template “Project Life Journal Card V6“. As always, you can check out her gallery at Gotta Pixel or on Facebook for inspiration!

Project Life Journal Card V6 by M&M Designs

The kit I used with this template is from Inspiredbydominic Designs and releases this Thursday June 27th over at Scrapbook Bytes. Here’s the sneak peek:

Super Kid by Inspiredbydominic

Can you guess the theme? I have two little boys who love superheros so this kit is bound to get pulled out often! Want to see the page I made this awesome kit? Really… Are you sure? Okay, here it is:

“Space Ranger”
Template: Project Life Journal Card V6 by M&M Designs
Kit: Super Kid by Inspiredbydominic Designs

Anyone else excited to use this kit now? Remember, you saw it in action here first! Go by Inspiredbydominic’s Facebook page and leave her some love on her sneak peek picture!

I also want to remind you that M&M Designs is holding a “Summer Guest CT Call” So if you’re interested in working with some great templates (both pocket page and traditional) head over to her blog or Facebook post for details on how to submit an application!

Guess who got their Dear Lizzy Project Life mini kit this weekend! That’s right folks, I did! I love all the soft, pastel colors but I have no idea what to use it for… I put cards into the mini album though. Look for pictures on Project Life Wednesday! Here’s a look at the promotional picture from Becky Higgins’ blog:

Dear Lizzy Mini through HSN

Lastly, don’t forget tomorrow is Template Tuesday! If anyone has any question or requests (on anything paper or digital scrapbook related, not just about templates) that I might be able to help with, leave me a comment and I will work them into my Tuesday posts!

I think that about wraps up Miscellaneous Monday for this week! As always…

BeeTreeSig-webPS. I’m linked up at Plucky’s Second Thought for her #7 Blog Hop!

New Release Thursday – June 20, 2013

It’s nice to see everyone again! Today is “New Release Thursday” and I have a few fun things to share with you today! I’ve got new releases from ChrissyW Digital and Scraps by Missy with layouts to show you and a small bit about a new release from M&M Designs! I also have a little something at the end to share so stick around!

First up are two releases from ChrissyW Digital, “Sample Pack 11” and “To The Left“. Both sets come in 12″x12″ and 8.5″x11” sizes and are on sale for 30% off through Sunday! This is a preview of “Sample Pack 11” and a layout I made with it:

Sample Pack 11 by ChrissyW Digital

“Disney Or Bust”
Template: Sample Pack 11 by ChrissyW Digital
Kit: “Are We There Yet” by Scraps by Missy (Releases 6/21)

To The Left by ChrissyW Digital

I haven’t made a layout with this set yet but if you check out her Facebook page or the product description, you will see plenty of wonderful inspiration there! I’m sure I will be using one of these in the near future though, I really like the one with all the circles!

Next up is “Are We There Yet” from Scraps by Missy. This kit actually releases tomorrow at Stuff To Scrap but here’s a look at it:

Are We There Yet by Scraps by Missy

Wait? Does that kit look familiar? Why yes, I used it on the layout above! Scroll back and check it out, I’ll wait… isn’t that an awesome kit? It worked perfectly to scrap my picture of the entrance to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It was such a rainy day when we arrived, and it didn’t stop raining for three days! Try telling two little kids that they have to wait even longer to see Mickey Mouse, we almost had a mutiny on our hands!

The last release, “Paper Crazy V3” comes from M&M Designs. As usual, you get four templates in this set and it’s only $4! I don’t have a layout for this one either (since I’m on her Project Life team) but there are plenty of inspirational pictures up on her Facebook Page! Take a look:

Paper Crazy V3 by M&M Designs

M&M Designs also has “Project Life Journal Card V5” and “Paper Crazy V2” on sale for 50% off! That’s $2 a pack or $0.50 for each template, it’s a steal and it won’t last much longer!

That’s it for my digital new releases for today but if anyone’s still around, I wanted to share this “new release” picture with you:

My Project Life additions

I know this isn’t the best picture (inside, phone picture, etc) but I wanted to share some of the new Project Life Products I came home with yesterday! Want the run down of everything in the picture? What I picked up:

Project Life (check their website for where to order/stores)
Kraft Core
Honey Core
Kraft Album (blue/green)
Honey Album (multicolored chevron)
Big Variety Pack Photo Protectors
Grid 3×4 cards
Grid 4×6 cards

Thickers (from American Crafts)

K&Co Alpha (K&Company)
Handmade Doodle

Everything was picked up from my local Michael’s Craft Store (and of course coupons were used, they haven’t excluded Project Life… yet). These products aren’t even on their website yet! I have to admit, when I called them in the morning, the person I spoke with had no idea what Project Life was or if they had it in stock. So when I entered the store, I didn’t expect to find any products out yet… Lo and behold, I found this about five aisles down in the Scrapbooking section:

Project Life at my Michael’s Store

As you can see, they only have four core kits here right now (Honey, Midnight, Cinnamon, and Kraft) but I’m excited to be able to get my page protectors locally now! Anyway, I wanted to share my excitement with you! Keep watch here because I think some of the products I picked up will make an appearance here next Wednesday for “Project Life Wednesday”! I hope you enjoyed today’s post and as always…


Template Tuesday – June 18, 2013

Welcome to Template Tuesday! I’m going to showing you the “how-to” of  working with a “Quick-Page” today. If you don’t know, a “Quick-Page” or “QP” is a layout that is almost completely done and all you need to do is add your pictures, title and journaling. It’s a great way to get pictures in a layout if you’re short on time or worried that your skills aren’t that good, and let me tell you, they are probably better then you give yourself credit for!

Typically it is a .PNG file with one layer, the graphics are “flattened”, and the pictures go behind and peek though the photo spots. Some come with “photo spot” shapes to clip your pictures to, especially if there are many pictures close together. The one I’m sharing today is by ChrissyW Digital, from her “Spring At Last” kit. Here is what the quick page looks like “straight out of the box”:

Spring At Last – Quick Page Empty

The first thing that I added was my picture. Since this quick page only has one photo spot, a clipping shape isn’t needed. I re-sized and moved around my picture on the layer under this one until I was happy with the placement. At this point I had this:

Quick page with photo added

Next I decided to create my title with the “Spring At Last – button alpha“. I pulled the button letters that I needed, lined them up and re-sized them so they fit on the lines made by the paper strips. Then I took the button stitch and added the middle stitch to every-single-button… It was a little over the top to add all the stitches since the page looked fine without them but I wanted to add a little more because I had started with an almost complete page.

The one thing to remember: be aware of the direction of the shadows already on the page! If the elements you add have a shadow in another direction, the page won’t look right. Most people won’t pick up on what’s wrong at first but they will know something’s not right. The goal most of the time with digital pages is to “fool” the eye into thinking the digital page is “real”. Shadows are key to this! On this page, most of the elements are not bulky so it’s a little difficult to tell the shadow direction by the paper. As you can see looking at the bow over the picture, the “light” is coming from around the upper left corner. I tend to look at the bulkiest element first to find my shadow direction.

Quick page with title

The last step when using quick pages is to add your journaling and date. Sometimes a page doesn’t need journaling to tell the story, this picture was a bit generic so I added a little information about out “Meet and Greet” with the Disney Fairies. And that’s it! You’re done with your page! Take a look at the finished page:

“meet and greet” – Quick Page
Spring At Last QP1 by ChrissyW Digital
Spring At Last Alpha by ChrissyW Digital

Hopefully you try out some quick pages, they really are a great, quick way to get photos scrapped without being overwhelmed by papers, elements and alphas! The focus is on the pictures and the story! If you use this or another quick page, feel free to share it! I love seeing the wonderful pages you all can come up with! As always…


Miscellaneous Monday – June 17, 2013

Welcome to Miscellaneous Monday! Boy have I got a lot to share with you today! There’s a new release, a guest CT call for one of my designers, an online photo class, a new mini kit I’m excited about, an award acceptance and nominations, a few post line up changes, a link up and THREE amazing announcements to share… this might be a long post, you have been warned! But I hope you stick around for all of it!

First up I want to share my announcements with you, I’m proud to announce that I am now working on Polka Dot Pixels’ Creative Team, you can find her over at TheDigiChick. Do you remember the layout from this post where I used the school themed kit from Polka Dot Pixels? Aren’t her designs so unique? I just love the vintage feel of her kits, I don’t see great quality, vintage kits like that very often!

Next up I wanted to also share that I’m also working on InspiredByDominic Designs Creative Team (also known as the Inspiration Team and you can find her at Scrapbook Bytes)! InspiredByDominic Designs has some AMAZING styles that I absolutely adore! I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on with her GAB (Grab-A-Byte) “Summer Play” kit so come back Saturday to check that out!

My other exciting news is that I’m participating in Stuff To Scrap’s “This Scrapper’s Got Talent” contest! I’ve never participated in this type of contest before so I’m incredibly excited and extremely nervous about sharing my pages in this challenge! I will be sharing my layouts for that each Saturday of the contest, even if I get eliminated, I’m going to continue to play along!

Another change up that I’m working on implementing is Project Life Wednesdays. I’m going to start doing a post series dedicated to Project Life and his Wednesday I’ll be sharing my paper album. I used the new Blush kit and created a “My Life in Review” type of album so you’ll want to keep an eye out for those posts if you do Project Life or are interested in starting!

Lets get to a new release shall we? Today, M&M Designs released “Project Life Journal Cards V5” template. I created a layout documenting one of Disney’s Animal Kingdom “Lion King” shows we saw. At the beginning of the show, each section of the audience is taught an animal sound to “welcome” Simba and his friends into the theater. At this show we sat in the “Lion Section” and my oldest son was picked to show our group how to roar like a lion! He was over the moon and I think this layout really shows that! Take a look at the template pack (which is on sale for $2 for the set of 4, over at Gotta Pixel):

Project Life Journal Cards V5

“Lion King”
Template: Project Life Journal Cards V5 by M&M Designs
Kit: That’s Life (iNSD Collaboration Kit) by TheDigiChick

I also wanted to mention that M&M Designs is having a summer “Guest Creative Team” call. If you’re interested you can find all the information on Facebook or (hopefully soon) on her blog. It’s a great team to work with and she creates both pocket page and “traditional” templates that are so fun to work with!

Next on my “housecleaning” list is a new Photoshop class, Photo editing: Frame Ups and Effects 1, from Jessica Sprague. I’ve taken some of her other classes and I just love them (and I’m not compensated in any way for sharing this class or my thoughts about it!) I have some experience with Photoshop elements but even with the beginner classes, I learned a ton! It’s so easy to follow along with her videos and she repeats the steps, in a way that isn’t annoying, so that you really understand what to do and how to do it! She’s offering another free class. It’s a one week class but, if there are 10k sign ups, she will teach an additional week of classes for free! It’s all free so what could you lose by signing up and trying it out?

I’m also linking up this week over at “Plucky’s Second Thought”. This week is a link up of posts about DIY/Craft, tips, tricks, reviews, pretty much anything that’s not a giveaway or another link up! So if you have a blog, head over there and check out the link up, I always find new, interesting blogs to follow there!

Last, but by no mean least, I want to share that I was given the “Sunshine Award” by DaDivaDeals! This award has circulated around as a bit of a “digital high five” letting a blogger know their posts brighten your day! I’m so honored to receive this award especially since I’ve only been posting this blog for about two weeks! I can’t believe so many of you enjoy stopping by my little corner of the internet already! I really do appreciate all of you!

Here are the rules for accepting the nomination:
-Include award logo in a post or on your blog (see above)
-Link to the person who nominated you – DaDivaDeals
-Answer 10 questions about yourself (see below!)
-Nominate 10 bloggers (Check out the fun card I created for my nominations)

Made with “When Sky’s are Gray” by Polka Dot Pixels

-Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated Check out these great blogs:
The Road to Domestication
A Homeschool Mom
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Maxine Renee Designs
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Make Cents Blogging
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Little Lamb & Co

I wasn’t asked any so I won’t make you answer any either, I will be posting some about me tid-bits on my Facebook Page today so if you’re interested, stop by and “like” my page so you get updates when I post there!

My goodness! Everyone still here with me? I know this was a long post without many exciting pictures but as this is “Miscellaneous Monday” and I never know how long or short my posts will be Mondays! Thanks for sticking with me and as always…


Template Tuesday – June 11, 2013

Welcome to Template Tuesday! Today we’re going to look at one of the templates that I wrote about yesterday, “Project Life Journal Cards V4” by M&M Designs. You can pick it up on sale for only $2 at Gotta Pixel!

Project Life Journal Card V4

I used the template on the bottom right for the layout I’m sharing today. I’m going to show you the process I typically use when making my Project Life style layouts. Kind of a “how to” if you will. Actually, this is pretty much my process for most pages I create regardless of format! Without further ado, here is my layout for the day:
“Tom Sawyer Island”
Template: Project Life Journal Card V4 by M&M Designs
Kit: Kraft by Becky Higgins
Elements: Cache Ya Later by ChrissyW Digital

Okay, the first step that I start with is picking my pictures. Sometimes that’s easy because I already know what I want to use in my layout. This was one of those times! It was out last night in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and I was trying to take my very last photos! I ended up using the “Sunset” setting on my camera and I love how these turned out, the only adjustment I made was “Unsharp Mask” to take the fog out. The pictures below haven’t been altered so you can compare them to the final layout photos that used this one adjustment.

Large photo, unaltered
For small square photo, unaltered
Second small square photo, unaltered

Then I take my photos, clip them into my layout and re-size as needed. I added a second, rounded corner background below the cards but above the original background. I re-sized the card spaces and the additional background so I had a double mat. I did this because I wanted more of the patterned paper to show around the cards. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Layout step one, pictures and re-seized template

Next I choose what papers or kit I want to use. This time I decided to use the Kraft Project Life kit by Becky Higgins. I chose the papers from this one because they were a similar tone and feel. I played around with which ones I wanted were and what cards I wanted to use. There are so many great choices in this kit that it was hard to choose just four cards and four papers!

Layout step 2, papers and cards placed

Next I decided that I wanted to add more then just some text. I wanted some elements, do-dads if you will. I chose to use “Cache Ya Later” by ChrissyW Digital. I typically pull all the elements into Photoshop Elements. This lets me see them in my photo bin and I don’t have to keep opening things! It might be lazy, but it helps me work quickly when I can see all my options at one time. I also add the title now. Right now I’m really liking outlined/matted titles. I decided to match the kit’s text on my title. I think it flows better that way, plus I love the text the kit had! Here is the layout with elements and title:

Layout step 3, elements and title

I realized that my far right card was very plain. I wasn’t sure what to use there and then inspiration struck! I duplicated my card, extracted out just the white and red circles and decided to make them “card flaps” to hold in a journaling card! I created a square shape and clipped on the same graph paper I used for the background. I added the rest of my text and voila! The very. very last thing that I do is make sure things are shadowed properly, especially if I change the shadow angles on a template. I also check that everything is placed where it should be and my text is spelled correctly. I am a terrible speller so the fact that PSE does NOT have a spell checker makes me super nervous sometimes! Here is a close up of my right 3×4 card:

Right 3×4 card close-up

That’s pretty much my work flow. At this point I make sure everything is saved and create my web sized image. I upload wherever I want then. I used to save my full resolution JPGs at the same time but I’m not printing them right now so I’ve decided to wait on creating those files until I decide to print a large batch.

This is also the same workflow I use when I create my paper Project Life pages. If you want to check those out, you can click over to my Photobucket album of those pages! If you have any questions leave me a comment or hop over to my Facebook page and you can leave a comment there too! I hope you enjoyed this post and that it might help you with your own layouts!

One last bit of housekeeping, this is the last day to get Gotta Pixel’s GGI packs. M&M Designs’ GGI packs are only $1 for each four template pack! How could you go wrong? Here are the links for “Walking on Sunshine 1” and “Walking on Sunshine 2“.


Friday Faves – June 7, 2013

Welcome to my very first Friday Faves!

I’m glad you stopped by, each Friday I plan to share with you some of my favorite things. I thought it might be nice to take a day to round up a list of favorite layouts, kits, designers, websites and what-not. Sounds fun right?

Today I’m excited to share with you five of my digital layouts that I’ve made recently! I’d like you to not that these are not in a ranked order, it’s just a total of five layouts. Anyway, it seems like a lot of people I talk to scrap in either a “traditional” style or in the “pocket page” style. I don’t come across many who continue to do both. Maybe it’s just the people I talk to, but I still like making both “traditional” and “pocket” pages.

First up is one of the first Project Life pages I made this year. It’s not incredibly fancy, but it’s part of the set that really got me excited about photography and scrapbooking again! I’d been looking at Becky Higgins’ Project Life off and on for about a year before I finally jumped in and bought my first digital kit. I’ve been hooked ever since but it also brought me back to the “traditional” scrapbooking style both digitally and with paper. Because of all these factors, the first layout on my list is my Project Life page for week three of this year:

Project Life 2013, Week 3
Template and Clementine Kit by Becky Higgins Project Life
Elements from: Scissors from Mini Kit by Forever Joy, buttons from various designer kits

Next on my favorites list is a layout using the Clementine Kit by Becky Higgins Project Life but instead of using the kit in the “pocket” style, I used a “traditional” template for my layout. I just loved this picture, it shows my littlest with his stuffy cold face. The poor kid was so stuffed up that his nose was running constantly, he was sneezing almost continuously and his eyes were watering so much you’d have thought he was crying. All he wanted to do way lay on the couch with me and watch Curious George and you know what? That’s exactly what we did! This layout will always remind me of how pitiful he looked that day and I’m so glad I was able to capture those memories. Take a look at layout two:

“Tears & Sniffles”
Template: Template Revisited 8 by Scrapping with Liz
Kit: Clementine by Becky Higgins Project Life

Don’t laugh but this next layout also uses a Becky Higgins Project Life kit! This time it’s the Kraft kit that was released digitally this past March. This is another “traditional” layout I made to showcase just one photograph. This one showcases a fun picture of my oldest son and his quirky personality. The Kraft kit’s vibrant feel fit well with the photo and I used a template from Scrapping with Liz. I just love her templates! Here’s layout three:

Template: SO October Blog Template by Scrapping with Liz
Kit: Kraft by Becky Higgins Project Life

The fourth layout on my list features my oldest son. Do you see a theme here? I really enjoy scrapping photos of my children! This photo highlights how much my son loves dressing up in his pirate costume! This day was the “Pirate’s League” day which is where he gets his pirate makeup done, takes a pirate oath, receives a special sword and sash, then they go into the “secret room” where they receive a special treasure medallion. I can’t tell you how many people stop and stare at him when he’s all dressed up. He really gets into the pirate role, running around sword fighting imaginary bad guys and pretend sword fighting with other little kids on stage while waiting for the Captain Jack show across the way from “The Pirate’s League”. I thought this kit was perfect for this picture as there were plenty of elements that played on the “I’m a rockstar” theme:

“Pirate’s League”
Template: Sample Pack 9 by ChrissyW Digital
Kit: Believe In Me by Angie Kovacs

It was really, really hard to pick only five layout. It’s like trying to pick a favorite child but I did it. Pick five layouts, not a favorite child! The last layout to go on the list for today is one that I made just a week ago! I think the reason this one falls into my favorite category is the pictures. I’m drawn to black and white photographs right now and this layout is full of them. It shows my kids playing together in the rain. I’m excited that I could capture some pictures of them spending time together, happily! The large picture on the top left is my favorite of the layout, it just captures your attention! They are both amazingly expressive for only being two and five years old! Just look at those faces:

“Singin’ in the Rain”
Template: A Photo A Day 2-1 by ChrissyW Digital
Kit: Loverly by ChrissyW Digital

Well, that concludes this weeks Friday Faves! I hope you enjoyed your time here, I know I’ve really enjoyed everyone stopping by this week. I can’t wait to see you all again soon!BeeTreeSig-web

New Release Thursday – June 6, 2013

Hey there! I’m glad you decided to drop by again! Today I have some new releases to share with you. Two of the designers that I CT for release their products on Thursday so it seemed logical to post about new releases on… Thursday!

First up is a CU (commercial use) product from Scraps by Missy called “CU Patts Vol 1” and you can get it over at Stuff to Scrap. It will go up in the store tomorrow (6/7/13) and will be 30% off from 6/7/13 to 6/13/13. There are four different pattern overlays in the set to help you make your own patterned paper to match your favorite kits! I can’t tell you how simple these overlays are to use, it only took me about five minuets to make all four papers! Seriously! Take a peek:

CU Patterns
CU Patts Vol 1 by Scraps by Missy

Sample Pages using CU Patts Vol 1 by Scraps by Missy

Next up is a big release from ChrissyW Digital. First up is a pack of Facebook timeline cover templates called “Cover Up Templates”, they are 30% off right now and you can pick up over at TheDigiChick. I’ve taken the easy way out on my personal Facebook page and have just posed a picture as my cover photo. These templates make me want to take the time to create a new cover photo that’s more creative! The sample cover photos I made went together easily, that’s why I really love her templates! I don’t have to agonize over what to put where and my layouts turnout looking great! Take a look at the template pack and what I made with them:

Cover Up Templates by ChrissyW Digital

Template: Cover Up 1 by ChrissyW Digital
Kit: Spring At Last by ChrissyW Digital

“My Boys”
Template: Cover Up 4 by ChrissyW Digital
Kit: Personality by Scraps By Missy

Also releasing from ChrissyW Digital today is “Sample Pack 10”  and it’s also available in a 8.5″x11″ size! Both sets are 30% off and can be found at TheDigiChick. I love the variety in this set. I ended up using one large picture as a background instead of a paper and I think it turned out great! The templates are simple and uncluttered, just my style. Take a look:

Sample Pack 10 by ChrissyW Digital

“tea cups”
Template: Sample Pack 10 by ChrissyW Digital
Kit: Crazies by KStudio

The last release from ChrissyW Digital today is the kit “Spring At Last” over at TheDigiChick. This kit has coordinating papers, elements and alpha, an extra button alpha, extra papers and quick pages! You can also pick them up all together in the Entire Collection pack! Guess what, all of these pieces are 30% too! Wow! I used one of the QP (quick pages) along with the button alpha to create a page about the “Fairy Meet & Greet” we did this past month at Disney World. I ended up using the coordinating button stitches in each button of every, single, letter… I think it was worth it though! Check out all these sets:

Spring At Last by ChrissyW Digital

“meet and greet” – Quick Page
Spring At Last QP1 by ChrissyW Digital
Spring At Last Alpha by ChrissyW Digital

I also want to share another release from earlier in the week. This one is from M&M Designs and it’s a really nice pocket page style template called “Project Life Journal Cards V3” and you can find it at Gotta Pixel for just $4! That’s only $1 per template! I really love these because you can make this type of template as simple or as complicated as you want!

These templates fit right in with the other pages I use in my Digital Project Life!

Project Life: Journaling Card Template Vol 3

“Teppan Edo”
Template: Project Life Journal Card V3 by M&M Designs
Kit: Just Sew Cute by ChrissyW Digital

M&M Designs also released “Enchanted Eve” on Tuesday. This set is also only $4! I haven’t made a layout with this template yet because I work on the pocket template team but I bet I will pull one of these out soon to scrap some of my photos. I like M&M Designs’ traditional layout templates as they help me work on my clustering skills! I am NOT a natural cluster scrapper! With these templates I know where my flowers and doo-dads should go and about how many I need. You should check out both types of templates from her store. Here’s a picture of “Enchanted Eve”:

Enchanted Eve by M&M Designs

Everyone still with me? Good!

That’s all I have for you today but you won’t want to miss tomorrow! I’ve got some of my favorites lined up for you, I’m thinking that Friday’s will become my “Friday Faves”! Come back tomorrow to check it out!

BeeTreeSig-webLinked up at Somewhat Simple!

Who am I?

It’s nice to see you all again! Yesterday I shared with you the place around the web where you could find me, today I’ll be sharing who I am!

That’s me!

My name’s Stephanie, nice to meet you! Some people around here know me by my screen name “Pu Sticks”, pronounced “Pooh-Sticks” by the way. Now you’re probably wondering why I used “Pu” instead of “Pooh” and, truly, it’s quite a long story that has something to do with “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff and my love of the game “Pooh Sticks” from “The House At Pooh Corner” by A.A. Milne. No one understands the humor until I explain it and then, well, it’s not very humorous after my five minute explanation… it’s a post for another day.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

I’m here to share my digital scrapbook creations, photographs, artwork and any other random bits of life that I find interesting. More often then not you’ll see my kids featured on the scrapbook layouts I make. Mainly because that’s what I enjoy taking pictures of but also because I find them so incredibly cute! I’m a mom, I’m supposed to find my kids cute, at least I warned you right?! Just this year I’ve really gotten into photography, and just got my first “real” DSLR, so excuse my rookie mistakes! Now that my youngest son is two years old, I feel like I actually get sleep at night again! It does wonders for having enough energy to pursue my hobbies again! Once in a while you might see “The Hubby” pop up in pictures… he works nights so isn’t typically awake when I get out the camera and stick it in my childrens’ faces!

Right now we are homeschooling our oldest son who’s five, I enjoy this because it gives us time to go to Disney World with my parents… in May… when it’s really, really, quiet there… and take FIVE THOUSAND pictures… did I mention I was a bit obsessed with my new camera? Well, I am! Anyway, so you may see a few posts with homeschooling pictures or pictures of us doing fun things when most kids are in school, so don’t think I’m always pulling the kids out of school to go on nifty trips! We take our school with us!

What else could you want to know?

I just joined three designers’ Creative Teams! I currently CT for M&M Designs, ChrissyW Digital and Scraps By Missy. You can find links to them on the right side of the blog or on my “About” page (you can find the link to that page on the top bar of the blog). These amazing designers are helping me get my start out there in the “Digi Scrap” world, so big shout out thanks to them! I’m really enjoying learning from these ladies and who wouldn’t love to play around with their lovely creations? I can’t wait to show everyone all the layouts I’ve made for them with the products they have out now. What I’m truly excited about it the products I know they are working on that haven’t been released yet and other exciting news that I can’t tell anyone yet! This summer is going to be so exciting and full of work, I can’t wait!

How about I sign off here for now, but if there’s anything you all want to know, leave me a message here or at any of the places you can find me around the web!